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industrial and intumescent painting

epoxy coatings


Official 2019 Rankings for Demolition Companies

#17 in the World

#7 in the United States

#1 in New England

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Our commitment to Salvage, Reclamation, and Sustainable Energy


            Select Demo Services prides itself in not only providing quality service to its customers, but also in giving back to its community and working on environmentally friendly alternatives for energy consumption and waste.


            Select Demo is a full service demolition company based in Salem, NH. The majority of our jobs are centralized around the Boston area, including the financial district. While renovating commercial real estate office spaces for new tenant fit outs, we find that many of these spaces are left with like-new furniture still in them. In these instances, Select Demo Services partners with the Massachusetts and New Hampshire State Police Departments to donate all quality furniture. This has helped to outfit schools, organizations working with the disadvantaged members of our community, and public buildings. We aim to not only re purpose quality furniture to those in need, but also reduce landfill waste and save tax payer money.


            In addition to furniture, Select Demo Services also removes other materials from the buildings we renovate. Always looking to recycle as much as possible, in 2014, Select Demo started a waste hauling company: K-Town Disposal. This has allowed us to choose how our construction waste is sorted and what facilities receive it.

Continuing with this environmentally friendly trend, K-Town has committed to run paperless. All of K-Town Disposal dumpsters and routes are tracked on iPads installed in every truck on a custom app designed to track waste and tonnages. In 2017, K-Town hauled 34,476 tons of waste with an average of over 80% recycling rate.


            Select Demo Services’ commitment to an environmentally conscious business does not end there. In November of 2017, Select Demo switched to solar power in our newest office building. We also partnered with Knollwood Energy to meet NH energy requirements PUC 2506. This solar facility was built to have a capacity of 66600.0000 MW. By the end of December 2017, Select Demo Services’ Solar Facility was approved as a Class II REC (Renewable Energy Certificate).

            By 2022 Select Demo Services has a plan to convert all its facilities to Geothermal as well.






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  • Highly experienced Safety and Management team, with personnel who have extensive Environmental Consulting, Demolition, Abatement, Safety, and similar backgrounds; and experience working on numerous high profile and sensitive projects, including work at Harvard University, Pfizer, Raytheon, and others.

  • Company Ownership that is eager to commit to and spend on safety initiatives, and to keep improving on an already impressive record.

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