About Us

Select Demo Services began in 2004. We are a Union affiliated company based out of Salem NH, focusing mainly on Selective Interior Demolition. Demographically our work triangulates from the Berkshires extending north to Portland and as far south as Providence Rhode Island.

We have built our firm on providing top quality workmanship, and attention to detail, while meeting stringent schedule demands.

Mr. Ryan Denver was brought in to head up the company. Over the years, through his hard work, dedication, and vision of the future, Ryan has carefully amassed a stellar team of individuals to shore up all aspects of being a full service demolition firm.

First by surrounding himself and creating the first line of defense; his field superintendants. The superintendants oversee all work in the field, making sure all the working foreman are fully representing Select Demolition and our customers with the best value possible. Safety, good housekeeping, performed with productivity. Then retaining veteran Project Managers to estimate, execute, and manage the projects. As time progressed, jobs have become larger and larger.

After seeing that there were needs to be met, other divisions were added. The construction cleaning division came first, then a handful of very knowledgeable structural demo foremen were obtained, that opened the door for much larger projects, with that. The disposal companies could not keep up with our needs. So we added that to our divisions giving it the name K-Town Disposal. Now we service all our own projects with our fleet of new Peterbilts, Macks, Kenworths, Freightliners, and Disposal Containers.

Wanting to make sure our trucks stayed clean, running great, and safe, Select Demo opened up its own top of the line mechanics bay, with a veteran crew of mechanics to repair and maintain the entire fleet.

After realizing internally, we already employed key personnel with over 50 years' experience in hazardous waste removal. Ryan then launched another division; the Abatement division became official in late 2015. Large purchases were made to once again put Select Demo ahead of the competition.

Within those large purchases were shot blasters and Floor Grinders. The shot blasting and floor grinding equipment purchased is all robotically controlled and the only type of its kind in New England.

Since Ryan Denver now in 2019 has taken the Select name beyond interior demo entering areas of service in Fire Proofing, Acoustic Insulation, building take downs, and all aspects of commercial and industrial painting.

Select Demo currently has over 400 employees on the roster and continues to grow every day. Latest reports from D&RI 100 for 2019 have Select Demo ranked 17th in the world, 7 in the United States, and number 1 in New England.

Every day new tools are being created to help make work faster and more efficient. Select Demo knew that in order to stay ahead it had to pave the way. Mr. Ryan Denver invested in making the company mobile.

Scheduling, Paperwork, Daily Records of Performance, Safety Manuals, Worker Docs, and so much more have been converted digitally and uploaded to Select Demos custom cloud system.

This allowed instant changes to scheduling and other important functions from anywhere in the world. Making sure Select stays organized.

Select Demos' custom tracking system of Waste Disposal has also helped keep track of all its loads which allows them to easily generate waste reports and maintain an above average recycling percentage.

Select Demo also incorporates licensing, JHA's, Service History, Daily Logs, Delivery Receipts, and much more into its online system to ensure that with all the growth, Select stays organized and ahead of the competition.