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Judah Branagan

Vice President of Field Operations

Judah brings 23 years of construction experience to Select Demo. He has worn many hats throughout his career, starting as a Laborer, advancing to a Superintendent and then further progressing to his current position here as the Vice President of Field Operations. In his current role Judah manages the processes to ensure Select’s projects run efficiently and effectively, working to maintain the highest level of satisfaction for our clients. He oversees preconstruction engineering and planning, the scheduling of manpower, equipment assignments and ensuring projects are being performed on schedule and within budget. He prides himself in his extensive knowledge of all aspects of the construction industry from demolition to environmental remediation to water damage and fire remediation to utility work. He commenced his construction career working on the Central Artery’s “Big Dig,” which he feels gave him the correct stepping stones to be a key contributor to Select Demo’s success and growth.

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