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1414 Mass Avenue, Boxboro, MA

Project Value: $7.5 million - $8 million

Select Demo was contracted directly by a property management firm to perform the interior demolition and white boxing of this 220,000 SF, two-floor space to make way for two new tenants. Select’s scope included: make-safe of the area, reworking of electrical to remove feeds and electrical rooms in same area back to source; removal and disposal of plumbing piping and fixtures; removal of sprinkler piping where floor is being removed and re-working two-story heads; removal and disposal of redesigned sprinkler heads; sprinkler permitting and stamped calculation drawings; cutting and capping of mains and refeeding as necessary; removal of existing steel as needed to install new wider bay design steel; removal and disposal of existing walls, flooring, ceilings, furniture and debris in tenant space; removal and disposal of raised floor areas and CRAC units; engineering for design of supplemental steel needs to be installed; furnish and installation of high bay lights for temporary lighting; disposal of MEP’s that are not being reused; hanging of all fire alarm devices to maintain system; engineering design needed to remove existing second floor slab, decking and steel in GMP/warehouse; removal and disposal of second floor slab decking steel for two-story open area; shoring as needed to install new steel; removal, relocation and disposal of stairs to maintain egress needs; furnish and installation of demising wall at interior perimeter of space; scar patching and boxing-in of floor area at exterior perimeter where demolition slab occurred; removal and disposal of sound proof room and raised floor, along with rotating floor; infilling of floor with concrete and steel. Completed space was a code compliant, empty whitebox with no finishes.


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