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$150 million in annual sales 

$75 million single project bonding

$200 million aggregate bonding

Exceptional insurance coverage—$15 Million Pollution; $25 Million Excess/Umbrella

 Turnkey contractor self-performing multi-faceted complex projects 

Deep commitment to health and safety —

EMR 0.70; TRIR 0.86; LTIR 0.43; DART 0.43

Owns modern fleet of specialized equipment

 Maintains experienced, local, diverse workforce

Runs 600 field staff per day

Experience in LEED project participation

 Industry leader for 17+ years

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Established in 2004, Select Demo Services, LLC is a specialty contracting company performing demolition, environmental remediation and final cleaning for many of the country’s most prominent institutions, corporations, educational facilities and government agencies. Select Demo has four affiliated companies that we work in conjunction with that provide fire proofing, spray insulation, painting, commercial flooring and disposal services.


The scope of our service offerings allows our clients to employ us as a single source provider on projects that would otherwise require multiple subcontractors—a true turnkey contracting company. We operate across multiple construction segments – commercial, industrial and heavy-civil.  Select Demo is currently the largest specialty contractor in the Northeast United States averaging $150 million per year in sales.

Through hard work, dedication and vision, Ryan Denver, Select Demo’s President, has carefully amassed a diverse, tenured team of individuals who can be rivaled by none in the industry. This team has built our firm by providing top quality workmanship and attention to detail, while still safely meeting the stringent schedule demands and safety requirements of our clients.

Due to Select Demo’s commitment to service, we have been listed as the 5th largest demolition contractor in the United States and the 6th top specialty firm in New England by ENR magazine, as well as the 11th largest demolition contractor worldwide by Demolition & Recycling International, two of the largest, most respected construction publications in our field.

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Select Demo’s bonding capacity is among the best in the industry ranging between $75 million for single projects to $200 million for aggregate work. Select Demo’s insurance capabilities are also exceptional allowing us to bid on many of the largest public and private projects in New England with $15 million in Pollution Liability and $25 Million in Excess/Umbrella coverage. 



Select Demo values its loyal and capable workforce as its most important asset. Select Demo employs up to 600 laborers and operators per day to service our multitude of projects. The ability to have such a large, committed, skilled workforce is also in part due to the union partnerships we have with the Laborers International Union of North America and International Union of Operating Engineers.



Among Select Demo’s inventory of specialized equipment, we own and maintain a modern fleet of excavators equipped with shears, pulverizers, multi-processors, buckets, grapples and hydraulic hammers.  Such equipment provides high capacity processing of construction and demolition debris for recycling and reclamation.  Our machines range in size from eight tons to 150 tons, so we can accomplish specialized tasks for operations of various scales.