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EMR of 0.69

Total Recordable Incident Rate of  0.86

Lost Workday Incident Rate of 0.43

DART Rate of 0.43

Fulltime Safety Director and Team of Safety Advisors

Monthly Foremen Meetings

Safety Accountability Policy & Safety Leadership Team


Select Demo’s number one priority is safety… the safety of the team on our job sites and the safety of the people who live in the communities in which we work. 


We make safety a condition of employment, thus making it a priority to comply with all established safe work practices and health and safety regulations. We have initiated work policies and procedures to ensure safe operations, and we insist that such rules be followed by every Select Demo employee and by all of our subcontractors. 

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Select Demo has a full-time safety staff that conducts daily job site safety inspections and weekly safety audits, provides training and education for all employees and performs ongoing support and maintenance of our safety programs.

Select Demo has initiated a safety culture that’s objective is to reduce the number of jobsite injuries to an absolute minimum initiating an incident and injury-free work environment. This initiative instills that all employees take responsibility for the overall safety of themselves and their co-workers, whereby safety is never compromised in the name of production. Every employee is familiar with Select’s safety goals and acknowledges their commitment to this culture.

What sets Select Demo apart safety-wise?
  • Safety Accountability Program - Shared sense that all employees will hold themselves and one another accountable to the safety behaviors that are required for employment at Select Demo.  All employees, at all levels, are held to this standard.

  • Tenured and Experienced Safety and Management Team - 1 Environmental Health & Safety Director and 8 Safety Advisors with backgrounds in environmental consulting, demolition, insurance, remediation services and health and safety.

  • In-house Safety Training Programs (i.e. aerial lift use, asbestos, silica, PCB, lead awareness, fall protection, scaffolding, first aid/CPR/AED, confined space, etc…) to educate the field on jobsite safety, as well as on reporting all injuries with an emphasis on injury management.

  • Safety Team performs jobsite inspections, safety audits, weekly summary reports, weekly toolbox talks and visits 60+ jobsites per week.

  • Safety Leadership Team that meets quarterly to review all health and safety practices, near misses and injuries in hopes of improving our overall safety program.

  • Executive Management has a hands-on approach to safety making weekly visits to jobsites and performing safety audits. Company Ownership is eager to commit to and spend on safety initiatives, and to continue improving on an already impressive safety record.

What sets us apart
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