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Jim Mor

Demolition Project Mgr. / Estimator

Jim obtained his start in the trades at the age of 14, when he went to work for a large plumbing company. The skills he learned allowed him to start his own Indoor Air Quality Company at the young age of 18. After seven successful years of owning and operating his business, Jim sold his company and moved to Taos, NM where he built self-sufficient homes around the U.S. and abroad. In 2010 Jim returned to Boston to pursue a career in commercial construction where he ultimately became a Demolition Estimator and Project Manager working on jobs of various sizes and scopes. Jim credits his mentors for instilling the need to create and cultivate great, longstanding relationships and that having responsive customer service is essential to success. Jim feels extremely fortunate to work for an organization that enables and encourages altruism. Through his work at Select Demo, he has orchestrated and participated in large furniture and medical equipment donations for local and international non-profits. You can find more information about Jim on his LinkedIn Profile.

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