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Commonwealth Pier Redevelopment, Boston, MA

$60 million  - $65 million (inclusive of paint/sandblasting $22.6 million)

Select Demo was contracted by Turner Construction Co. to perform selective and structural demolition of the 430,000 SF former World Trade Center in Boston's Seaport District as part of Fidelity’s Pembroke real estate affiliate that embarked on a massive redo of the company’s offices at Commonwealth Pier in the Seaport. That building is expected to reopen in 2025. Select's scope consisted of 660,000 SF of selective, interior demolition; 140,000 SF of exterior façade demolition; 100,000 SF of structural demolition to allow for the construction of a 17,000 SF plaza and (4) 8,000 sf court yards; 5,000 SF of concrete apron over the water to be removed; portions of wood roof to be removed and stacked off site for future use; all exterior perimeter columns, spandrels and gantry to be sandblasted and painted. The abatement scope consisted of the removal of asbestos roofing; the blasting, scraping and removal of high-bay asbestos damproofing from structural beams and steal; the removal of asbestos VAT and mastic; and the removal of asbestos transite piping uncovered by sitework contractors. Select worked three shifts, five days per week to meet this highly aggressive schedule.


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