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Marblehead Elementary School, Marblehead, MA

Project Value Range: $1 million - $1.5 million

Select Demo was contracted by a construction management/general contracting firm to perform the complete demolition and asbestos abatement of two single-story buildings comprising a former elementary school - the Lower Bell Building, which was 15,000 SF, and Upper Bell Building, which was 35,000 SF. Select’s abatement scope included the removal of PCB window glazing; asbestos abatement of VAT, window caulking, boiler insulation, breeching, asbestos paper under the gym floor and transite soffits; removal of all universal waste. Select also performed the abatement of 46,000 SF of asbestos roofing and the exterior abatement of asbestos vapor barrier and foundations in accordance with a Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection issued Nontraditional Work Plan. Select also performed tree removal, installation of fencing, site improvements, site prep for the general contractor’s trailer and the installation of stone tracking pads.

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