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50-60 Sylvan Street, Waltham, MA

Project Value: $4 - $5 million

Select Demo was contracted directly by DPR to perform the interior demolition of this 3-story, 200,000 SF commercial building (Bldg. 50), as well as the interior demolition and asbestos abatement of a 2-story L-shaped building (Bldg. 60). A large mechanical space was completely demolished in Bldg. 60, along with loading dock and building entryways. The 2-level connector between Bldg. 50 and 60 was al-so completely demolished. Select’s abatement scope included the removal of 100,000 SF of asbestos flooring, asbestos facade removal and the removal of hazmat throughout building. The scope also included the takedown of a 1-story 5,000 SF building.


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