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MBTA Dorchester Ave Bridge Replacement, Boston, MA

Project Value Range: $850,000 - $950,000

Select Demo was contracted by SPS New England, Inc. to perform the removal of the MBTA Dorchester Ave Bridge over four phases – Phase 1 - demolition of a jump slab in the summer of 2022 to allow for the installation of earth support; Phase 2 - selective substructure chipping in the summer of 2023. Phases 3 & 4 - two weekend shutdowns for the saw cutting and picking of steel beams encased in concrete with respect to Span 1. Span 2 entailed the removal of box beams. During the weekend shutdowns, Select protected three sets of train tracks to prevent damage and contamination; demolished the bridge structure onto a protection platform; loaded out all materials and broke down protection all within 48 hours so trains could run again on Monday morning. This steel bridge carries vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists over the MBTA Commuter Rail and the Cabot Yard maintenance tracks. A full replacement of the bridge is slated to commence in Spring 2024 by SPS.


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