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MBTA Lechmere Viaduct, Cambridge/Boston, MA

Project Value Range: $2.5 million - $3 million

Select Demo was contracted by a heavy civil general contracting firm to perform the removal and disposal of a concrete viaduct bridge deck, floor beams, concrete diaphragms, stringers, encased stringers, stringer concrete pedestals, concrete walkways, vertical walls, railings, banding panels, conduits and miscellaneous concrete encasements below the existing walkway, catenary poles and associated concrete encasements, suspended steel and timber platform at Pier 4, ladders, hatches, staircases and pier cavities. The Lechmere Viaduct spans between the Gilmore Bridge and the existing Lechmere Station in East Cambridge, MA. This work will further advance the relocation and reconstruction of the new Lechmere Station as part of the Green Line Extension Project.


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