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RIDOT Bridge Group 32 I-95 Cranston/Providence Project, Smithfield, RI

Project Value: $400,000 - $500,000

Select Demo was contracted by John Rocchio Corporation to perform the partial removal and disposal of existing concrete masonry including the required removal and disposal of the concrete at the bridge joints, including sections of bridge decks, approach slabs, backwalls, end diaphragms, parapets, end posts, wingwalls, and pier caps. Select’s scope was a part of a larger Bridge Group 32 project that addressed four bridges on the Cranston/Providence line, including the replacement of the bridges carrying I-95 over Elmwood Avenue and Wellington Avenue, as well as rehabilitation of the ramp bridges carrying traffic from I-95 North to Route 10 North (Huntington North) and Route 10 South to I-95 North (Huntington South).


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