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The Foundry, Cambridge, MA

Project Value Range $1.5 million - $2 million

Select Demo was contracted by a construction management/general contracting firm to perform the removal of three levels and 60,000 SF of structural slabs while preserving the brick exterior envelope of this historical, commercial space known as “The Foundry,” a brick and timber frame industrial building, built in 1890 that was repurposed into a creative, innovative and collaborative multipurpose center. When completed, it will provide public community space and programming for art, entrepreneurship, technology and workforce education. Select’s scope also included the partial takedown of a two-story, 2,000 SF structure; the removal of exterior façade; the protection of adjacent critical Verizon equipment; the removal, protection and preservation of a historic mono-truss; and utility cuts and caps (water, gas, electric). A MA DEP issued Nontraditional Work Plan was utilized for the asbestos abatement and bulk load-out of 23,000 SF of asbestos roofing.

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